by Dorian Finch & Chillian Murphy

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released October 31, 2014



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Dorian Finch San Francisco, California

indie pop folk dream punk superstar

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Track Name: Dorian Finch - Nightfall
i've heard tapping at the floorboards
where no foot has stepped
and no speck of dust has gathered
on the boards that no one swept

I can feel a presence here
just like a phantom limb
it's reaching out to him
it's reaching out

something's gone and whittled down
your holy trust and love
no new plaything can bring back
the innocence that you once lost

close the doors and lock them
but the Nightfall will creep in
it's reaching out to him
it's reaching out

don't look under any carpets
lest our fears are hiding from us
pull the quilt over your head
and let the ancients rest
Track Name: Chillian Murphy - Slow Fright
do you believe in the unseen, the terrors that lie underneath
the everyday, and every place, and every face you see
do you feel a presence when there ain't a soul around you,
hearing whispers in your ear, are they playing to your fears?

slow fright, strobe light, gloom

because lately I've been slipping, I've been walking into walls
I've been chasing me a shadow cast from nothing at all
but I can hear a tapping in the hall, growing ever louder with the Nightfall
and when I turn out the light, I'll be eaten alive
in one merciless bite

so this is goodbye, this is farewell
the end of nightmare, that I knew well
so this is goodbye, this is farewell
the end of a nightmare that I knew better than myself